Bolero Exterior

Off Road Winches

 Mile Marker (USA) 6000 to 9000 Lbs Runva 6000 lbs Winch Runva 9000 lbs Winch

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Off Road Lights &Light Bars

Hella Luminator Metal – Rallye 4000 OEM Light force – 240 bltz Light force –

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Other Accessories Bolero

flexible & unbreakable Flag pole/Antenna (4feet) Roots Horn Reverse Camera with mirror LCD Tow hook

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Fenders and Bonnet Grills- Bolero

Fender Flair type 1 Fender Flair type 1 Bonnet scoop Snorkel kit Front customized grill

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Off Road Bumbers & Rock Slider Bolero

Front bumper winch mount & light bar type 1 Front bumper winch mount & light

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